Zombie Sniper – Last Man Stand

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Aug 23, 2017


9xt Play Studios


9xt Play Studios

Last Man Standing Games in Zombie Apocalypse & Zombie sniper Games.

A new infection is been spread across the globe, affecting thousands of people. But this infection is different from all other infections. This infection is just not killing the living one but also making the dead one alive again but this dead zombie is a hostile and will kill anything which is a living thing. Zombie sniper is a first-person shooting game, in which you have to hunt down zombies trying to take the city. The city is been evacuated and there is only you to defend these dead zombies to take over the town.

Zombie sniper is an amazingly addictive game, in which zombies are coming from all directions and the only way to survive is to kill as many zombies as you can. The zombies will be spawning depending on your location, but they can spawn at your back also, so be careful about it. And with the time, the number of zombies also increases, so within few minutes you will be facing many zombies.

There is no limit on zombies, so keep moving and taking them down. To defend the town you got a very nice accurate sniper rifle which can hunt a zombie just in a single shot. You take the long range as well as short range shots using this sniper rifle and there is no limit on bullets or ammo, so you can shoot as many zombies as you can. You can also take headshot using this sniper gun.

The map of this game contains a town which is wonderful. You got city building on one side and an open area on the other part of this map. So you can face these zombies inside a city which will be difficult because of limited space to move around. Or you can go to the open area where you can take long range shots and move around easily.

The sound and 3D graphics make this game amazing to play. It enhances the gaming experience and provides very entertaining gameplay. It can be played on Android devices as well as on Apple devices easily, and it is also well optimized so there will be very fewer lag issues.

The zombies will be coming from all direction so you have to make sure that they don’t get near you. If they do get near make sure to take down it first. We have also included a mini map which is really helpful to track down the zombies chasing you or getting close to you. So you can move or hunt it first. If any zombie get nears you, it can do a lot of damage and they will be attacking and running fast at you.

The controllers are nice and smooth, you can move easily inside the city as well as in the open ground. It also makes easy to take a headshot on zombies. You take long range shots easily with it because controllers are nice and the gun is also accurate.

You can download this game for both Android devices as well as for Apple iPhone devices, do check these out and let us know what you think about it and what we can do to improve it further. You can download this game by checking the link provided below.


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  • Addictive zombie hunter game.
  • 3D graphics with amazing controllers


  • It's very, very similar to the previous game
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