Zombie Hunter Apocalypse: Last Hope Standing

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Action , Games

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August 15, 2017


Extra Play 9Studio


Extra Play 9Studio

Best zombie 3D FPS game of 2017! Survival in a virus ravaged earth assault game!

The world is full of myths and theories, these include theories like zombie apocalypse which was presented in such a way that this is real and can be done in future. The use of a virus to infect people and they will turn into a zombie after they have died. Movies and games have been developed on zombie apocalypse presenting it as a real phenomenon, these games ever most famous and the movies were also loved by people because it was a new thing for them. Till now people liked this new concept and every shooting game got a zombie mod now for that zombie hunting game lovers.

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse is also one of the best zombie games you can play on Google Play Store. It is first person shooting game in which you have to survive from zombies around you or become a zombie hunter. Either you kill all zombies and survive or get killed because zombie virus is spreading all around the globe and you have to clear your region so that this virus can stop spreading. You got a whole range of different weapons, some of them are already unlocked but others can be unlocked by completing missions.

You got 3 different maps to play on, the maps are wide and the zombies are everywhere on the map so that you can easily track them. Each map got different levels to complete, the difficulty level increases with the missions so be careful in each level.

Weapons are unlocked when you complete all levels on a single map. The 3D graphics are amazing which can be changed in setting also for lower end devices, the sound also gives a nice realistic experience while playing this game. The controllers are smooth and easy to use, so it will be easy to take aim and to run away from zombies.

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Earth Has Fallen

Zombie Hunter also have nice features like auto fire, you don’t have to tap fire button every time you see a zombie, only aim at it and your gun will start shooting automatically but it does not work for long range shots. The minimap on the game is one important feature; you can track down zombies using your map, and approach them accordingly. It also provides you the info that how much zombies are available on the current level.

You can download Zombie Hunter Apocalypse: Last Hope Standing for Android smartphones and tablets. You can also check our other game Gun Strike Blood Killer 3D also. Don’t forget to provide us your feedback it will help us to improve.

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  • Amazing 3D graphics which make the gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • 3 Different maps to play.


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