Wild Gorilla City Attack

Available Platforms

Action , Games

Release Date

24, August, 2017


9xt Play Studios


9xt Play Studios

Rescue your city from Wild Gorilla and Chimpanzee, kill them in Chimpanse City.

Imagine a city attacked by new kind of enemies, this time it’s not some regular enemies but a new enemy from jungle which is more devastating and dangerous. They are angry and wild gorillas which have attacked our cities and destroying our life. You are the one only left inside this city and gorillas are attacking from all directions.

The only way to take these gorillas out is to kill all of them and survive the battle. This is one of the addictive first-person shooting game inside a city.

Wild Gorillas are angry and will destroy anything whatever came in their way. The number of gorillas increases with the increase of time and it depends on your location as well.

You got fully accurate sniper rifle which can take down wild gorillas from long range and short range. Gorillas as short and fast, so it will be hard to take headshots on them but you can try to take it.


The map is dark and looks like an apocalypse for a city. It is open and wide so that you can move around easily, also it is a city map which has a half part city and the other half is open ground, so it provides you both kind of gameplay, a city gameplay as well as an open ground map. The background sound is amazing and really enjoyable, giving you full 3D effects.

The controllers are good, at first, it might feel hard and difficult to operate but with time you will get used to it and soon it will be much easier to operate. Don’t let these gorillas get near you because if they get near you then they will start attacking you and can give a lot of damage so be careful about it especially in late game.

It also contains a mini map which is a very important tool while playing this game because it will provide you the exact location of the gorillas attacking at you. With the help of this map, you can track down them and even take a good position to hunt them.

It will also let you know if any gorillas are attacking you from behind. Kill as many gorillas as you want, make your high score and share it your friends and see who killed the most gorillas. You can download this game for android devices for now. Check it out and do let us know what do you think about this game and what needs to be improved for future updates.

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  • Breathtaking scenery
  • City is exactly as it should be.


  • It's very, very similar to the previous game
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