Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure

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Action , Adventure , Games

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July 17, 2017


9xt Play Studios


9xt Play Studios

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Amazing Wild Life Clash between Safari Animals in Lion vs Tiger Wild Adventure

It’s time to play one of the most wanted games in which you will two different kinds of dangerous animals of different region face to face each other. We have been playing many animal games and kids enjoy playing as a wild dangerous animal running around and hunting other animals. But this time it’s a whole new level, tigers are the lions and both are ready to take on each other.

Lion vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure is simulation game in which you play a lion or as the tiger and hunt other animals and feed on them. There are a lot of animals in the jungles to prey on; you have to search around other animals to feed on them. You can use the mini map which is a really nice feature and it really helps to track down other animals.

The environment is really nice and the 3D graphics make this game more enjoyable, you can move around in all directions of the jungle, you will find different animals in the different part of the jungle. You can take attack one animal at a time, and that animal will attack you if it’s a lion or tiger or other carnivores animals.

The controls are smooth and easy; you can move around easily and chase other animals with no issues. Controls are responsive and really amazing you will really enjoy playing this map which will provide you an amazing real time gaming experience.

There are 50 different levels of this game; the game gets difficult as you move up on levels. The number of wild animals increases and the damage which they deal also increases with time. Hunt and eat your prey it will increase your health bar and you will be able to recover from the damage which you took during attacking or defending yourself.

This game provides you an amazing experience of playing as a wild tiger or a lion which is really good and unique. These two animals live the world apart from each other, making them face each other is a wonderful concept to follow. With preying on these animals, you can also breed and make a huge whole family for yourself. With the increase of family, it will make easier to prey and hunt down animals.

You can get this Lion vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure on your Android smartphones and tablets for free. Download this game by visiting the link provided below, and don’t forget to provide us your feedback, it will help us to improve this game more in the future. #LionVsTiger #AnimalAttack #wildLion

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  • amazing 3D environment
  • Smooth Controllers and game play experience.


  • Limited animals on the map
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