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Extra Play 9Studio


Extra Play 9Studio

Hoverboard Run is very energetic 3D running & Subway Crazy skateboarding game.

Hover board is a self-balancing two wheeled scooter which becomes much popular in last few years because of new feature and the method on which it’s operated. Infect it was the most sold gift item during holiday seasons. With no controller, it was one of a unique gadget for people. For some people, having hover board is impossible because of the high price. And don’t really know that this new gadget really worth the money they are paying for it.

Hover Board Subway Crazy 3D is a game based on the same concept of using a hover board which can be played as a subway game but in this game, the character is surfing on a hover board. It is a surfing game having a cat chasing a mouse who has stolen a piece of cheese from the cat.


So get ready to catch some cheese pieces surfing on hover board. This game is much more like other surfing game containing much better graphics, fast controllers, and changes characters.


Catching pieces of cheese will provide you a powerful skateboard which will help you to catch more cheese pieces. You can also grab a vacuum during your run which will catch pieces from other lanes too. You will earn more points and score with time and the speed will also increase with it. The controllers are fast and efficient so that you can move around easily as the gameplay will get faster and faster with time. The graphics are just amazing, the sound effect also makes it more enjoyable. There is no lag in the game so that you can try to make the high score as possible and share it with your friends.

Try out Hover Board Subway Crazy 3D and let us know what you think about this game and how we can make it better with time. You can also check out our other games on “Extra Play 9Studio”.

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  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Nice 3D Graphics and Controls


  • It's very, very similar to the previous game
  • Same game type like all subway games
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