Fury Bull Fight Shooting 3D

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Action , Games

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31, August, 2017


Extra Play 9Studio


Extra Play 9Studio

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Fury bullfight 3d is challenging you save your city from bull fighting & Attacks.

The city is under attack by some really big monsters bulls. They are coming to destroy our cities and everything we have made. The city is been evacuated and there is no one left in the city except you, and your only duty is to kill as many bulls as you can and save your town.

These angry bulls will destroy anything whatever comes in their way and no one can take control of these bulls because they are not just a few bulls but a whole swamp of bulls.The only solution to this situation is to take out your weapon and kill as many bulls as you can and defend the city.

Fury Bull Fight Shooting 3D is an endless shooting game in which you can kill as many bulls as you want and reach your top score. The city is full of bulls coming from every direction; you have to play wisely and move across the map using the mini map because these bulls will attack you and take you down.

You got a nice sniper gun which is pretty accurate in shooting these bulls in a single shot. You can take long range shots as well as the short range due to better controls and accuracy.

So get your weapon ready and hunt down these bulls in your bullfight. You don’t have to worry about the ammo because you got an unlimited amount of bullets, so hunt as many as you want.

The graphics are great; you will not feel anything strange or poorly made. The game is well optimized, you will not feel any lag or freezing even at low-end devices. The map contains 2 different areas, one contain building, in which it is really hard to hunt bulls because they will be coming at you around the corner. And the other side contains wide open region, where it is easy to take down bulls from long range without getting in a bullfight.

The mini map is a very useful feature in this game, it helps you to locate and track down bulls on the map, so can move accordingly and hunt them without getting in any kind of trouble. The sound and amazing graphics provide a wonderful gaming experience which is very addictive and enjoyable. The controllers are improved helping you to move around easily and take quick action to hunt these fury bulls.

You can download fury bull fight Shooting 3D for your android devices for now. Check this game out and let us know what do you think about this game and what needs to be improved. #Angrybull #Bullfight #BullShooting

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  • Every nice bullfight game.
  • Amazing graphics with 3D sound effects.


  • Very similar to other games.
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