Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter 3D City Attack

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Action , Adventure , Games

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Oct 6, 2017


Extra Play 9Studio


Extra Play 9Studio

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City under Attack By Dinosaurs Hunt Dinos in survival series Hunt or be hunted!

Dinosaurs are the distinct group of reptiles (They are having a dry scaly skin and naturally laying soft-shelled eggs on land.) that first appeared during the Triassic (a geological period which spans 50.9 million years) period. Dinosaurs are dangerous and many people afraid of these scaly beasts, but most of the people love to watch this creature in movies and also play games in which dinosaurs are present.

The Dinosaur games are playing most of the time by many people so there is the trend of Dinosaur games in the gaming world. By following this trend we have also developed a game “Dinosaur Hunter 3D City Attack” for our users in which they can see thrill, adventure and lots of fun and entertainment.

The main idea of this game is Dinosaurs attacked in your city and you have to save the city from these deadly animals. Dinosaurs are present everywhere with different sizes and can develop from any corner of the city. Your aim is to hunt these animals with your Sniper rifle to save your city and the innocent people. You have to take a headshot for a single bullet kills on these dinosaurs. Keep in mind these deadly creatures are very big and dangerous you have to be careful while playing this game they can attack back on you.

Different levels are present in this game which you have to complete during this mission. For completing levels you will get more coins to buy more powerful guns which you can use for hunting. In this hunting game, the great 3D environment is present in which you will see huge buildings, houses, and other things. Smooth controls available which help in dinosaur hunting. Download this exciting game, Just pick up guns, bring peace and free your city from dinosaurs.

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  • Nice concept for hunting dinosaurs in city.
  • Different variety of dinosaurs to hunt as expert dinosaur hunter.


  • Controllers not smooth.
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