Angry Bull Attack Shooting

Available Platforms

Action , Adventure , Games

Release Date

August 18, 2017


9xt Play Studios


9xt Play Studios

Save yourself and your city with Angry Bull Attack 3D Game.

Bulls are storming towards our cities and there is no way to stop them other than by facing them. We have been destroying the wildlife by cutting down trees and ruining the whole environment, now the wild is turning themselves towards our cities.

These bulls are angry and wild coming to destroy our city, the city is been evacuated and you have to defend the city from these angry bulls.


Angry Bull Attack is a first-person shooting game in which the whole city is surrounded by bulls and they will attack whoever comes in their way. The Bulls are coming from all directions so take care of your back also. The number of bull increases with time and you have to kill them all. There is no limit for bulls; they will be coming every time depending on your position on the map.


And don’t worry about bullets and gun, you got fully accurate sniper gun which can be used for long range shots and also for short range kills. Bulls are big, so it will be easy for you to take the headshot and kill each bull with a single shot fire.

The map is wide and open, one part of the map consists of a city which contains blocks and roads and the other side is an open area, so you can take short-range and long range kills in the city and in open area, long range shots will be amazing.

The sound is amazing; you will enjoy playing this game on good graphics and sound quality. Don’t let bulls get near to you because if they get near to you then they will start chasing you and can give a lot of damage in a matter of seconds so be careful about it.

We got a lot more features in this game but the most important one is the mini map which you should be using every time, it will give you the locations of bulls so that you can approach them in an effective way. You can also keep an eye on the bulls which are coming from behind you. Kill as many bulls as you want and stop this deadly attack on your city. You can download Angry Bull Attack Shooting for Android smartphones and tablets and don’t forget to provide us your feedback.

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  • So many game types, all delivered with panache
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • City is exactly as they should be (minus blow darts)


  • Far too many collectibles everywhere
  • It's very, very similar to the previous game
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