Educational Apps and Games for kids

When tablets and mobiles burst into the market, no one thought that it will affect children first. But it was just a start, the kids and children were not the main markets at all, but due to the usage and handiness of these gadgets, kids and toddlers were very fond of these things. Due to this change in usage and way of parenting, kids apps and games demand changed dramatically in App Store and Play Store.

Today there are tons of these apps competing with each other trying to provide best learning apps and mini games which help kids at each level of education and age. These apps and games cover each category of learning for kids including poems and rhymes which are famous from our childhood. But these apps and games are more unique because of the use of technology and latest gadgets; it is more entertaining and interesting for kids.

We also tried our best to cover some of the apps and games for kids which include poems, rhymes, counting, English alphabets as well as Urdu poems too. These apps and games are great for kids which are not able to go to school and which will be joining soon. It will let them learn in a very fun and entertaining way. You can check out our apps and games on “Extra Learning Apps& Games”.

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