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With the introduction of new tech gadgets, a new era of car racing was born. Now kids who loved car racing but doesn’t afford it or can’t-do it for any reason can do with their friends using computers, smartphone or even tablets. With improved graphics and more and more advancement, these car racing game pioneered in the gaming industry. Face Racing Car 3D is one of the few amazing car racing which you can play daily and it is really addictive too. Show your car racing skills on the road full of traffic and become one of the few cars racing champion and compete with your friends.


Drive your racing car on highway traffic and earn coins from racing at high speed. You can use this cash to unlock new amazing cars, upgrade your existing cars and even do a paint job for your cars. We got 3 different environments in this game which are: Sunny, Night and Rainy. These 3D environments are realistic in nature, providing more enjoyable game play for the user. On playing this fast racing car, you will experience more entertaining traffic racing game play; it contains 4 different game play modes (Time base, endless single way traffic, endless double way traffic and endless time bomb survival mode). All of these modes can be playable in any car you have. The endless time bomb survival mode is more entertaining, in which you have to maintain your speed level to survive or otherwise there is a bomb in your car which will blow in case you lower your speed or have an accident with other cars.


You got 10 different amazing cars which you can customize using coins which you earn. Make changes to your car as you like and drive your dream car in the busiest highway of the world. You can also adjust your viewing angles in this game, you can change it to third person view or from inside the vehicle to experience real road racing experience. Use your skills and try to reach your high score and share it with your friends and compete with them.

Download this Fast Racing Car 3D for your devices and enjoy one of the best racing games and don’t forget to provide us your feedback.


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