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It’s a part of life for kids to sit down and play with smartphones and tablets or watch cartoons in it. It is normally at every western house right now. And parents can’t stop them using latest technology because it is a part of life now and can’t be ignored. Use of these gadgets is compulsory to compete in the current revolution of technology. And it is a fact that children learn fast when they are engaged in an entertaining activity like games and sports. This provides us a great opportunity to use technology gadgets for learning and educational purposes.

One of the easiest ways is to use smartphones and tablets which are currently engaged and in hand of our kids. For that learning games and apps were created, these apps and games are made for a single purpose of learning but in an entertaining and enjoyable way. There is a huge number of learning and teaching apps on App Store and on Android Google Play which is helpful for teachers and kids also.

One of these learning apps, we got a “Poems and Rhymes” which is an amazing learning app for preschool kids and as well as school going kids. This app is a complete package of mini games, rhymes which are famous among kids and they are loved, even some of them are still in our mind and we use to sing them to our kids. We also included some poems in it which are effective in learning English alphabets and numeric words as well.

In this whole package, we got Mini Games, English Rhymes, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes which is a complete learning app covering every aspect of preschool education. You can download “Kids Learning” for android smartphones and tablets. You can also check out our store at “Extra Learning Apps& Games” and don’t forget to leave your feedback it will help us in future improvement and we will make apps more user-friendly apps and games.

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