Who love hunting games?  For those who love hunting and shooting games in a wild forest environment we have developed a game “Angry Bear.” If you are a big fan of angry bears and love to play hunting and shooting games these wild deadly animals, then you will get excited while playing Angry Bear animal shooting game. Get ready to play this wildlife simulation game in which you have to kill angry bear in this wild game of hunting and shooting.

Animal sniper game of angry bear is your chance to take a feel of animal shooting and hunting in a jungle environment. The angry bears are attacking save yourself from the attack. Once you complete hunting at one level, you will face more challenging levels and numerous bears with 3D visuals that make it an intense sniper shooting wild game. Defend the angry bear attack with your bear hunting sniper skills in animal sniper game. Your task is to stop the angry bear attack. Bears are deadly and attacking, so bring your inner bear hunter out in this wild game.

Try to save yourself and other people around from angry bear attack. Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects are present in this animal sniper game. Download now this game and enjoy hunting and shooting in realistic hunting environment.

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