Zombie Killer Sniper Shooting

The word ‘Zombie‘ is said to have come from nzambi, which in Kongo means “spirit of a dead person”, or that represents a person who died and was then brought to life without speech or free will. They are deadly creatures having no heart beat so no feelings and emotions. Zombies are fictional and people love to watch movies and play games in which Zombies present.

Most of the people love to play adventurous and full of thrill games in which a user have to kill zombies for saving oneself. These monsters are always ready to attack on someone that comes in their way and making them zombies like themselves. As this type of game is becoming so popular in gaming world so we have developed a game “Zombie Killer Sniper Shooting” in which there are number of zombies which you have to kill while shooting them.

Zombie Killer Sniper Shooting Game is the new free3D shooting game of the year. In which you will be playing as a shooter in a small town to kill zombie. Only way to survive is to hunt zombies and the army start the counter strike to kill zombie. A special team is hired to head to the frontlines. In this Zombie 3D shooting game show your skills and kill dozens of zombies in a realistic 3D environment with high quality HD graphics, horror surroundings with amazing horror sound effects and exciting game play.

To hunt these sleepwalkers you got full accurate sniper shooter rifle which can take down zombie in a single shot. It is an endless zombie counter strike 3D shooting game; they are coming from all directions. There is no limit on ammunition, so kill zombies as many as you can and enjoy being a Zombie shooter.

Controls are easy to navigate in this counter strike; you can move around quickly and kill zombies easily. There is a mini map in this zombie 3D shooting game which is a really nice feature; you can see zombies’ location and can shoot before they attack on you, otherwise they are not that easy to kill. You have to face zombies from all sides, it is too dark to see clear, but they are around you. Shoot and fight or you will die and turn into zombies.

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