Adventure games are among the most unique of any action games. The only real essential for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. We have a list of games that will do just that, top adventure shooting games for Android 2017 are:

Zombie Shooting Race Adventure-Guns Cars, Zombies:

Zombie is a fictional supernatural creature. We are welcoming you to “Zombie Shooting Race Adventure” game the anticipating zombie killer car game where the entire city is taken over by zombies who inhale anyone that comes in their way so get ready and lighten your zombie killer car. It is latest in the gaming world where you will get excitement and fun. You have to kill mortal zombies in this game you don’t need to run behind them just need a car and sniper rifle to kill them. We are providing you 3 different zombie killer cars with distinct speed limitation. Latest guns are present for headshots. You have to use these zombie killer cars and sniper rifles to kill the zombies. Use four 3D maps to target these creatures you have to complete 5 levels in each map which will definitely be going to double your excitement.  Keep in mind you will get limited time to beat each level. If you get failed in your mission within specified time period then you have to start the game from the beginning.

Sniper Fox Hunter 3D Jungle Adventures Game 2017:

For those who love hunting, we have developed a game “Sniper Fox Hunter 3D Jungle Adventure Game” in which you will get hunting as well as adventurous experience. You can say this is Jungle adventure game for those who love hunting and adventure. The main idea of this game is that angry fox in jungle creating problems for other animals. People living nearby often found their stuff missing, they also started attacking people and hurting them, your mission is to hunt the fox in this wild jungle with the sniper rifle. Show your hunting skills so that they don’t create problems for people as well as for other animals in the jungle and be the best sniper fox hunter. It is an FPS shooting and jungle adventure game. The environment is very realistic in which you will have mountains, Grassy region, and forest where you have to hunt the fox. You got the sniper rifle that will use to hunt the fox. 3D forest environment is wide and open; you can move around easily and can hunt the angry fox. The controllers are amazing, which help you to take aim faster and accurate, you can even take headshots on these foxes. This sniper fox hunter and jungle adventure game are endless. These foxes are spawning according to your location, so keep your eye on the minimap to be more effective in sniper fox hunting.  You will love to hunt while playing this jungle adventure “Fox Shooting” game.

Chicken Shoot 3D Sniper Shooter:

The Chicken Shoot 3D Sniper Shooter is a fun based hunting game. FPS game in which a fun element is present; a chicken hunt. The game is based on the beautiful city where angry chicken’s screams in the city and disturbed everybody. Get your weapons ready for chicken hunting and become one of the best chicken shooters. To complete this chicken shoot, you must be courageous and have wisdom. You have been playing many hunting games before like wild animals hunting, in this case, you have to hunt the chicken because we need to get rid off from these angry chickens. Pick up your gun and show your skill in this new chicken hunt game, just aim at the screaming chicken and shoot. The game contains exciting levels each level makes you more dangerous and blood rushing chicken shooter. This will be your first chicken shoot hunt experience with angry chicken birds. Surely you will enjoy this adventure game “Chicken Shoot 3D Sniper Shooter”

Carnivores-Dinosaur Hunter 3D City Attack:

If Dinosaur attacked your city what will you do? No need to get afraid of these creatures. You will get to know how to handle these scaly beasts, we have developed a game “Dinosaur Hunter 3D City Attack” which is a different hunting game and there is also an adventure in this game. The idea of the game is Dinosaurs attacked in your city and you have to save the city from them and become one of the best dinosaur hunters. They dinosaurs are present in variety with different sizes and can generate from any point of your city. There is a danger at every point you don’t know from which corner they can attack you. Wind direction, scent and the use of a special dinosaur Simulator call are all key elements in tracking the dinosaur and not being caught. There are multiple levels which you have to complete the mission. ForDinosaur Hunting sniper gun” will be given to you through which you can headshot them. For completing levels you will get more coins to buy more powerful guns. Download this exciting game, Just pick up guns, kill all dinosaurs, bring peace and free your city from dinosaurs.

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