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With the passage of time, we finally realized that this sudden influx of technological gadgets is hurting our kids at very early stage. These kids are not even in schools but still are addictive to these gadgets which were meant for official usage. Parents are much more worried about these sudden change in our lifestyle, there is a confusion in their mind that if they let this young generation in using these devices than it might have the adverse effect on their education. On the other hand, if we don’t let our kids have these gadgets they might stay behind from other kids in respect of daily routine activities and other knowledgeable stuff because technology is revolutionizing our life really fast.

What will be the effective use of today’s gadgets for kids?

To answer this question, we must look at the behavior of our kids, what they like most, what kind of stuff make them happy and what kind of thing are boring to our kids. Mostly, colorful images with sound effect and animated videos which are used in movies are more attractive for kids. So why don’t we use this same attractive stuff in an effective way to make them learn as well as don’t lose interest and the easiest way was to make games and apps for kids which will be useful and kids learn from these too. These apps are designed according to the age group which will be using it. A preschool learning app will be boring for a kid who has already spent year or two in school.

So we have created some learning apps and games which are available for kids at all age. Like some games containing coloring and types of shapes which will be useful for toddlers. Some contain alphabets and Basic English words learning which we use in our daily routine. Not just learning English but there are a lot of apps which are in other languages and really helpful for kids.

At Extra Learning Apps & Games, we almost cover all aspect of learning which is necessary for kids. These apps contain mini games with different characters which giggle with kids. Some of our most famous learning apps and games are as follows:

You can download our more apps and games from “Extra learning Apps & Games” which contain much more enjoyable games for kids and don’t make kids bored at all. Kids will not lose any kind of interest and defiantly learn from it.

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